Brad Boland was born in Niagara Falls Ontario in 1973. Brad's interest in music started at a very young age and has grown to be his passion. Starting with piano lessons in his younger years has cultivated into a love for music that has led him to an interest in drums, guitar and his forte - his vocals. Brad has been described as a "Vocal Chameleon" because of his unique way of sounding like the original artist he is performing.  Many have told him they thought it was a recording they were listening to.  His repertoire is so versatile that it spans an era of music from the 1920's to today which is pleasing to all ages. Brad found a niche market by entertaining in retirement/nursing homes throughout the Niagara Peninsula and into Toronto. Although a bulk of his business is driven by this avenue he is also very much in demand for many corporate and private functions as well. He is also accompanied by his son Miles on occasion who performs right along side adding great harmonies and lead vocals on some of the songs.  You can find out more about Miles and his dad in the information provided below.  If you are looking for entertainment for your next party or function you should contact Brad Boland, your guests will be glad you did.